Video Shows Alligator Slamming Into Kayak, Knocking Man Into Water

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Peter Joyce escaped the attack unharmed

Peter Joyce's peaceful day of kayaking in North Carolina's Lake Waccamaw took a terrifying turn when an alligator rammed the side of his kayak, knocking him into the water. 

"I thought I heard a fish jump to my left. Turned out not to be a fish," Joyce told ABC 11. "About 3 feet from the kayak, I made out the head of the gator and that was it. I had no time to react."

Video footage shows the gator slam into the kayak, toppling it over.

"My mind was playing catch-up at that point. Basically, when I made out the head toward the front end of the kayak, it was kind of just a state of shock. As soon as it hit the kayak and went under, I was like what just happened."

Fortunately, Joyce was able to grab a tree limb to pull himself out of the water.

"If it hit and there was nothing to grab on the right side of me, I would have inverted, and it could've been a lot worse."

The avid kayaker has seen alligators before, but this is the first time one has charged at him.

"You know, usually they would make a splash or they would move and make a ruckus in the water. But this was a continuous charge from about 20 feet away. So it definitely made me think a little bit differently about what their capabilities are."

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