Watch Buck Attack During Filming of "Kentucky Afield" Television Show

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

This clip from 1989 titled, "The Great Deer Attack" was recently posted to YouTube by "Kentucky Afield" and is a great reminder of how dangerous a buck can be. 

While filming a "Kentucky Afield" segment at the Salato Wildlife Education Center, a whitetail deer became aggressive and attacked host Dave Shuffett, biologist Lauren Schaaf and KDFWR employee Johnny Widener.

You can see the men talking about the physiology of a deer's antlers while pointing to the seemingly tame buck only a few feet away. The camera pans over to the deer, which then charges. The men struggle with the deer, trying to control it while avoiding its dangerous antlers.

You can hear one man in the video suggest that they let it go, but the buck is too angry and continues to push and fight the men. They eventually ask the camera man to turn off the camera and help. Ultimately the tussle lasted nearly 45 minutes. The deer was secured with the help of several other employees.

During the struggle, Widener was gored and required minor surgery to repair his leg. 

What would you have done in this situation? 

As a side note, "Kentucky Afield" is actually the longest continuously running outdoors television show in the nation. In fact, the show, which first aired in 1953, is one of the very oldest television shows still airing on any subject. 

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