Your Realtree Treestand Selfies

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

We can't be in the stand with you, but we wish we could. After all, you're part of the Realtree family and family members like to be there to support one another. But since we can't accompany you on your hunts, we asked you to share a little piece of your time afield with us through your treestand selfies. We've enjoyed looking at your selfies and are excited to share them with the Realtree readers. You guys look great decked out in Realtree doing what you love!

Dan Shacreaw Joe FellmethBrad and Aeverie ConradRyan MurrayJamie and Shannon Malcom Chris and Tyler JouetttChuck AmesonJames and William MessengerRyan PortuneAndy GreenwayKieley HendrickerRikk HillicossJacob Bradford

1 | Dan Shacreaw

Dan Shacreaw, 29, from Blairsville, Pennsylvania, was hunting WMU 2D during the 2018 archery season. "High winds and periods of rain made for a difficult season, but this was one of the nicer evenings. I got to watch God paint a beautiful picture with the sky as the sun was setting!"

2 | Joe Fellmeth

Joe Fellmeth is enjoying his first year of bowhunting. "I hunt public land in southeastern Wisconsin, and the going is pretty rough this year since I have a lot to learn yet. I saw a nice buck in the early season, but didnt get the opportunity to get a shot off. My favorite Realtree camo pattern is Realtree Xtra, but I just recently got a new cold-weather outfit in Realtree EDGE that I cant wait to try out. I absolutely love Realtree and will continue to wear it in the years to come." 

3 | Shawn Wilson

Brad Conrad and his daughter Aeverie hunt in southeast Kansas on an old farm that has been in the family since 1892.


4 | Ryan Murray

Ryan Murray is a member of the remarkable Forked Horn Hunting Club in Charlton County, Georgia. He enjoys camaraderie with a tight-nit group of hunters who would give you the shirt off of their backs. "This is the reason I absolutely love Team Realtree because the large family is always reminding outdoorsmen sometimes it's not always about the hunt. It's about the journey through the hunt."

5 | Jamie and Shannon Malcom

Jamie and Shannon Malcom hunt in Illinois and have already killed an 8- and 10-pointer this year. 

6 | Chris and Tyler Jouett

This selfie is of Chris Jouett and his son Tyler enjoying a youth hunt in Arkansas. They're all smiles after his son shot his first buck.

7 | Chuck Ameson

Chuck Amerson, 31, from South Carolina loves Realtree and loves hunting. "Realtree is my go-to camo. I mean, why settle for less when you can look like the tree itself? My season here is going great. I've taken a couple of nice bucks, and still have a nice one left on my hitlist for this year. A lot of bucks have been all over so with a little luck maybe I'll get my No. 1."

8 | James and William Messenger

This was a special day for James E. Messenger and his son William. The two were hunting on their 16-acre property in North Carolina. James has been hunting all season patterning deer hoping that his son will get to kill one. 


9 | Ryan Portune

Ryan Portune from Montz, Louisiana, was hunting on public land in Mississippi during this selfie. He didn't see much movement during bow season, but the weather has been abnormally hot this year. His hope was that once the weather cooled, he'd be able to put some meat in the freezer. 

10 | Andy Greenway

Three generations are hunting together in this selife submitted by Andy Greenway. Those pictured live and hunt in western North Carolina. "Thankful to Jesus for a great start to the season with one 7-pointer and one doe harvested so far," Andy Greenway said.



11 | Kieley Hendricker

Kieley Hendricker is an avid compound and crossbow whitetail hunter from Illinois. Her husband introduced her to hunting three years ago and she's been hooked ever since. "I hunt mostly all public land in Central Illinois," Hendricker, said.  "So far this year I have seen bobcats, turkeys, many does and small bucks with the exception of one 8-point buck that I couldn’t get a clear shot at. Happy hunting!"

12 | Rikk Hillicoss

Rikk Hillicoss from Hamilton, Michigan, took this selfie the day he shot a 4-pointer.

13 | Jacob Bradford

Jacob Bradford hunts in Scott County, Kentucky, with his 8-year-old daughter, Kaylee, who loves it just as much as he does. He took this selfie the first week of November when the rut was just starting to pick up. "I was able to connect on a nice heavy 10-pointer on November 5!" Bradford said.