Top 5 Winter Turkey Hunting States

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Admit It, You Want to Turkey Hunt Now

For some of us, wild turkey hunting isn't just a spring deal. We think about the bird every day. We build calls in the off-season. We plan hunts, watch turkeys and go to sleep thinking about them.

Opportunities for pursuing the greatest game bird on the planet exist in fall and winter too. And this time of the year, that's what drives our ranking system: the chance to get after some wild turkeys.

Check out the top five winter turkey hunting states in this click-through blog post.

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1 | Nebraska

Ah, Nebraska. You bet it's our top pick.

Okay, you ready? This isn't a typo: the Nebraska "fall turkey hunting season" runs so long it goes well into winter. Season dates extend from Sept. 15, 2018 to Jan. 31, 2019.

And for those of you who have hunted this great state in spring, you know snow might even be a factor then. That's cool. We're not complaining at all.

Go here for more information on Nebraska fall and winter turkey hunting.

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2 | Kansas

Whenever you mention Nebraska turkey hunting, spring or fall, Kansas needs to be part of the discussion too. This state is a close second during any turkey season: fall, winter or spring.

The states are similar, border each other and have lots of birds. Dates for late-season fall turkeys are also generous in the Sunflower State, lasting until Jan. 31, 2019, as well.

Go here for specific split-season dates and more information on Kansas turkey hunting.

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3 | Kentucky

The Bluegrass State has come a long way since I first spring turkey hunted there in the late 1990s. 

According to the NWTF, the Kentucky turkey population estimate sits at 220,000 birds.

And it's one of the most hunter-friendly states in the country. What's not to like?

Check out Kentucky's winter crossbow and archery turkey seasons.

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4 | Virginia

Virginia has a strong fall (and winter) turkey hunting tradition. Varying season dates are offered here.

Dogs are also legal for fall turkey hunting in Virginia, and in nearly 30 other states.

Go here for more on how to hunt fall turkeys with dogs.

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5 | Florida

As turkey chasers, we love hunting Florida turkeys in spring for a variety of reasons. Spring seasons start in March, but fall and winter seasons are available too. It's where the Osceola turkey lives. And heck, flying South from the North to the warm Sunshine State has always been appealing to this traveling turkey hunter.

One challenge with Florida fall turkey hunts is it's gobblers and bearded turkeys only. Other fall turkey hunting states around the country are often either-sex hunts.

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Editor's note: Updated 12/4/2018. First posted 12/6/2016. 

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