Turkey Blog with Steve Hickoff

Realtree turkey hunting editor Steve Hickoff has chased gobblers all over the United States and Mexico. He was born and raised in northcentral Pennsylvania, and now makes his home in Maine. Hickoff was named the NWTF Tom Kelly Communicator of the Year for 2019, a prestigious award reflecting his longtime work promoting hunting and conservation as a turkey hunting writer, editor and book author.


Another Opener, Another Longbeard

In order to call wild turkeys to your position you usually have to set up where they're comfortable going. Yup, we had that woodsmanship in a local guide who knew how to put us into spring turkeys, an essential component for the traveling hunter. "We" also being one guy from...

Florida, Part Deux

I recently shared central Florida turkey camp with a couple of hardcore gobbler chasin’ friends, the way you guys do each spring. That’s a big part of all this: good company, grillin’ steaks, burgers, and trading stories. Tim Herald scored first in the thick, heavy fog of opening morning in...

Ground Control to Standing Tom

They were henned up for sure, but worked to the calling . . . It was my first spring turkey trip of the '09 season, having flown south from snowbound Maine. Destination: a back pasture where a big flock of Osceola turkeys likely roosted. Or so I hoped. Glass half...