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  • Federal Funding to Boost Wildlife Habitat

    The federal government wants to encourage folks to preserve wildlife habitat and maintain land for farming and ranching — in a big way. Agricultural Secretary Tom Vilsack announced Nov. 16 that $350 million will be made available to help landowners protect and restore critical farmlands, grasslands and wetlands across the...

  • People You Meet During Duck Season

    The Newbies This group will represent the majority of encounters, whether they will admit they’re newbies or not. You can spot The Newbies easily because they will usually be eager to talk and tell you (truthfully) how their hunt went. Treat The Newbies with kindness and kid gloves. They need...

  • Wild Turkey Barley Soup Recipe

    Wild turkey barley soup extends the hunt. Works well with farm bird leftovers, too. I cooked this hot meal with a fall turkey breast this season. You'll need: 2 teaspoons of cooking oil 1 cup of chopped yellow onion 1 cup of cubed wild turkey breast 32 ounces of chicken...

  • I'm Thankful For The Deer

    The crisp November air rustled the leaves. A twig snapped. I looked over my shoulder to see a yearling buck easing toward me down an oak ridge. It didn’t take long for it to wander out into the CRP a couple hundred yards away. As I sat there, I realized...

  • 3 Gear Items You Need

    There isn’t anything worse than having a big deer walk into your shooting lane and not being able to shoot it because you can’t get to your bow or gun. I used to carry one bow hanger to the stand. I’d hang my bow, backpack, rattling antlers, grunt tube, binoculars,...

  • Deer Hunter Sees A "Bigfoot"

    “Big Daddy Hoffman 1911.” That’s what the man who allegedly saw a bigfoot while deer hunting calls himself. Now, everybody loves a good bigfoot story. Pair it with a cup of joe by a campfire in deer camp, and it’s hard to beat. But, as with all, I’m very inclined...

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