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Small Game Hunting

Want to learn how to skin a squirrel in 1 minute? What about tips that will help you bag more doves? If small game is your thing, then is your home.

  • 5 Great Squirrel Hunting Rifles

    Once the colorful leaves have fallen, the trees, and much of the forest, suddenly take on a dull gray winter appearance. Squirrels that were up in trees gnawing on nuts and pine cones must now come down and dig among the leaves for acorns and other mast. Now is a...

  • Squirrel Hunting Gear Tips

    This fall, I’ll be squirrel hunting. Something else that’s guaranteed is the bag I’ll have slung over my shoulder. For as long as I can remember, my father, Mick, as dedicated a squirrel chaser as ever walked the Earth, carried with him into the autumn woods a light green military...

  • Pet Squirrel Attacks Home Intruder

    Who needs a guard dog when you can have a guard squirrel? Joey the pet squirrel is being called a hero after attacking a teen who burglarized his owner's home and attempted to break into a gun safe. When police caught the suspect, he had scratches on his hand. He...

  • Did You Know Opossums Did This?

    In cartoons, sleeping opossums are often depicted hanging upside down by their tails. In reality, the muscles in an adult opossum's tail are not strong enough to support it for more than a moment and especially not during sleep. Young opossums are sometimes spotted hanging upside down by only their...