Turkey Hunting

Gobble, gobble, y’all. What makes Realtree.com the best online resource for turkey hunters? Spring and fall. Bow and shotgun. Calls and decoys. We cover all things turkey, right here.

  • Grand Slam Gobbler ID Guide

    Each of the four Grand Slam turkey subspecies looks, acts and hunts a little differently. Knowing those differences going in will make you more successful. Experiencing them firsthand is what makes a Grand Slam so special.

  • Trail Cameras for Turkeys

    A ground-shaking gobble resonates across the clearing. A few more steps brings him close enough you can smell what he had for breakfast. A sharp cluck and smooth trigger pull put an end to his bantering. This is what happens when you do your homework. And today's turkey hunter has...

  • Nonresident Turkey Hunts for Cheapskates

    You've filled your turkey tags at home and still want to hunt. Money's tight. Here's how to cut costs in another state. GO PUBLIC – Your first and most obvious move: public land. You called those state officials right? Some places might be big as designated counties or small as...

  • Five "Plan B" Turkey Hunting Tips

    Consider these tactics when you need something different this spring turkey season. Trick #1 Most locator calls, like traditional crowing or owling, are loud to pull shock gobbles from distant birds. Looking to get tighter to a roost? Softly hoot like a great horned owl instead of the usual barred...


  • Turkey Hunting Nation

    Turkey populations. Public land acreage. License fees. And an overall hunting grade. New state profiles posted every day of the season.

  • Strut Report

    Spring is finally here, and the turkeys are finally gobbling. Tell us what the toms are doing in your area, and keep tabs on gobbling and strutting activity all across the country with the Realtree Strut Report.