Turkey Hunting

Gobble, gobble, y’all. What makes Realtree.com the best online resource for turkey hunters? Spring and fall. Bow and shotgun. Calls and decoys. We cover all things turkey, right here.

  • 5 DIY Turkey Taxidermy Projects

    Turkey taxidermy is expensive. And it doesn’t take many full-body turkey mounts to fill a room. Yet, so many gobblers are worth remembering beyond a beard lost in the garage. Here are five cool DIY turkey taxidermy projects that are easy to make . . . and even easier on...

  • 3 Late-Season Turkey Hunting Tips for Gobblers Running Together

    At first, it seems like a perfect hunting scenario: you find several gobblers or more running together. Not a single hen is yelping in hearing distance. And you haven't seen one in days. But wait. It’s late in the spring turkey season. Your hen clucks and yelps now echo along...

  • Video: Wild Turkey Hen Fakes Injury to Protect Her Young

    Wild turkey encounters can happen suddenly these summer days. You might be walking in the woods, or even in a suburban area where human habituation may have taken place. This time of the year, hens are with poults, if they've bred successfully. Some don't. Each day their young grow bigger...

  • Other Species Sought by Turkey Hunters

    Are you a two-season wild turkey hunter? Or do you hunt beards in the spring and antlers in the fall? Squirrels and rabbits? Upland birds, predators and even bear get plenty of attention by turkey hunters. They decoy and call in ducks and geese, too. How about you? Statistically speaking...


  • Turkey Hunting Nation

    Turkey populations. Public land acreage. License fees. And an overall hunting grade. New state profiles posted every day of the season.

  • Strut Report

    Spring is finally here, and the turkeys are finally gobbling. Tell us what the toms are doing in your area, and keep tabs on gobbling and strutting activity all across the country with the Realtree Strut Report.

  • The Gobbler Guide

    A step-by-step guide to help you work your way through a classic spring turkey hunt. From roost to strut to boom.