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Turkey Hunting

Gobble, gobble, y’all. What makes the best online resource for turkey hunters? Spring and fall. Bow and shotgun. Calls and decoys. We cover all things turkey, right here.

  • How to Hunt Winter Wild Turkeys

    You'll never see more turkeys together than between now and the so-called spring dispersal. Winter flocks are typically big, from dozens to hundreds of birds, young and old. This time of the year, turkeys will be concentrated near the best food sources: picked-over crop fields, cow pastures and feedlots (they...

  • Outside the Box Fall Turkey Hunting Tips

    Find the flock, scatter them and then call them back. This time-tested technique for fall turkey hunting has been my favorite approach through the years and I have many fond memories of perfect scatters and classic call-ups. I still use this tactic when circumstances allow, those being big woods and...

  • ATA Show: New Broadhead for Your Turkey Hunting

    My dad always used the classic Fred Bear Razorhead for his traditional bowhunting. He was a recurve man, and hunted deer sitting on a wooden plank wedged into the crotch of some sturdy apple tree limbs. And yes, he hunted wild turkeys, in fall and spring, but never with a...

  • ATA Show Video: LiT Cooler in Realtree Xtra Green

    This week Realtree visited the 2017 ATA Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our coverage has included broadheads, vertical bows, compound bows and more, including new turkey hunting gear, and the best turkey hunting vest I've seen so far this year . This LiT Cooler in Realtree Xtra Green will appeal...


  • Turkey Hunting Nation

    Turkey populations. Public land acreage. License fees. And an overall hunting grade. New state profiles posted every day of the season.

  • Strut Report

    Spring is finally here, and the turkeys are finally gobbling. Tell us what the toms are doing in your area, and keep tabs on gobbling and strutting activity all across the country with the Realtree Strut Report.

  • The Gobbler Guide

    A step-by-step guide to help you work your way through a classic spring turkey hunt. From roost to strut to boom.