Predator Hunting

If you dream of prime furs, ornery hogs and rabbits in distress, then our predator hunting page is for you. If it can be hunted in the offseason (and especially if it has teeth), we call it fair game.

  • Great Predator Calling Sets

    Realtree pros Byron South and Mark Zepp know how to hunt coyotes. It all starts with the setup. Check out their tips for choosing the perfect area for predator calling

  • Mountain Lion Hunting: When and Where

    Do you have what it takes to kill North America's biggest cat with a bow?

  • Black Bear Eats California Man's Corpse

    California officials say a black bear consumed the majority of the body of a man who died of cardiac arrest outside of his trailer in Humboldt County. According to Reuters, on Oct. 8, 65-year-old Marion Williams walked from his trailer to a water source about 100 yards away where he...

  • Live Coyote Gets Stuck in SUV Bumper

    Mark Armour thought he’d hit something with his SUV last Wednesday on his drive to Waukegan train station in Illinois where he works as a train conductor, but he didn’t see anything in the road, so he continued on. When he pulled up in the employee parking lot, groups of...