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Predator Hunting

If you dream of prime furs, ornery hogs and rabbits in distress, then our predator hunting page is for you. If it can be hunted in the offseason (and especially if it has teeth), we call it fair game.

  • Hunting Coyotes in the Snow

    You know how hungry you get when you’re out hunting or working in the freezing cold during a long winter day? How the cold seems to sap your energy and strength, making you think about eating a snack or check your watch to see if it's time yet for lunch?...

  • 5 Tips for Hunting Public Land Coyotes

    Many coyote hunters shy away from public land, believing it overrun with hunters, and that all the young, uneducated coyotes were killed early. Any surviving coyotes have either left the area or are super wary, having learned from previous run-ins with hunters just what those rabbit-distress sounds really mean. Don’t...

  • Boy Discovers Snake on Alaska Flight

    A snake is probably the last thing you'd expect to discover during a flight, but a little boy on a Ravn Alaska commuter flight from the Alaska village of Aniak to Anchorage, was climbing on his seat when he spotted a sleeping snake lying partially covered by a duffle bag...

  • Cyanide Bomb Planted by USDA Kills Dog, Sprays Boy

    A family is outraged after their teenage boy was sprayed and their dog was killed by a cyanide explosive planted by the US Department of Agriculture in an effort to kill coyotes. I can't blame them. I would be too. Last week, Canyon Mansfield, 14, took his three-year-old lab, Casey,...