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Predator Hunting

If you dream of prime furs, ornery hogs and rabbits in distress, then our predator hunting page is for you. If it can be hunted in the offseason (and especially if it has teeth), we call it fair game.

  • 5 Tips for Hunting Public Land Coyotes

    Many coyote hunters shy away from public land, believing it overrun with hunters, and that all the young, uneducated coyotes were killed early. Any surviving coyotes have either left the area or are super wary, having learned from previous run-ins with hunters just what those rabbit-distress sounds really mean. Don’t...

  • 3 Coyote Hunting Vocalizations You Should Know

    You can improve your success calling coyotes if you learn to speak their language, and of all the sounds coyotes use to communicate, there are three you should have topmost in your coyote-hunting bag of tricks, according to Realtree Pro Staffer Fred Eichler . These three coyote vocalizations – lone...

  • Man Punches Cougar to Save Dog

    Do you love your dog? Do you love your dog so much you'd punch a cougar in the head to save it? According to CBC News , that's exactly what Will Gibb of Red Deer, Alberta, did the day after Christmas when his beloved pet husky was grabbed by a...

  • Fishermen Find Frozen Boa Constrictor in Ohio River

    Two men fishing the Chagrin River in Ohio many not have caught any fish during their recent trip, but what they hauled out of the water had everyone talking. Sam Lincoln and his friend were fishing when they looked up and saw a large half-frozen boa constrictor wrapped around a...