Predator Hunting

If you dream of prime furs, ornery hogs and rabbits in distress, then our predator hunting page is for you. If it can be hunted in the offseason (and especially if it has teeth), we call it fair game.

  • 8 Mistakes Rookie Coyote Hunters Make

    Eichler, South, Zepp. They make it look so easy. No matter how many times you watch the coyote-killing team on video, you just can't figure out how to duplicate their success. While those guys seem to bring coyotes running to the gun every time they make a rabbit squeal, you've...

  • Great Predator Calling Sets

    Realtree pros Byron South and Mark Zepp know how to hunt coyotes. It all starts with the setup. Check out their tips for choosing the perfect area for predator calling

  • Owl Waits On Kayak For Help To Remove Fishing Lure Stuck On Talon

    Garry Olson Jr. always has his Go Pro on when he fishes because, as he told KXAN, he often gets lucky when fishing. The combat vet was fishing from his kayak on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas, Saturday morning hoping to catch another 12-pound bass like he did a...

  • Wisconsin Community Discusses Solution After Coyotes Kill Three Dogs

    Dog owners in Wauwatosa, Wis., are keeping a close watch on their small dogs and wondering what should be done after coyotes have killed three small dogs in their community this month. Brenda Buchanan, a dog owner who lives on 119th Street in Wauwatosa near the area where two dogs...