Waterfowl Hunting

Do cupped wings and black Labs get you excited? We have migration reports from every flyway all season long, and duck- and goose-hunting tips posted year-around. If you’re a waterfowler, stop in for a visit.

  • Waves and Minutes: A Duck Hunter's Peril

    I’ve never been much for east winds. Can’t trust ’em. Sure, an east wind is really just like any other. But a northeasterly breeze on a dull winter day usually heralds snow or sleet that night. A straight easterly blow during spring typically brings a soaking rain and subsequent cold...

  • Duck and Goose Call Clinic: What's On Your Lanyard?

    I own way too many duck and goose calls. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but only a few of those qualify as indispensable tools on my lanyards for various waterfowling situations. That got me thinking. My favorite combinations were forged through personal experience, but I wondered what the...

  • 3 Super-Easy Waterfowling Skills You Can Acquire Right Now

    Admittedly, most waterfowl hunters aren’t thinking too seriously about the upcoming season. We’re busy chasing turkeys or recovering from spring light-goose conservation hunts. That’s no problem, as there’s plenty of time to fix decoys, get our boats purring and fine-tune our retrievers. But during this not-so-serious time months before the...

  • 4 Down-and-Dirty Plan B Waterfowling Saves

    Every duck and goose hunter remembers with pride those great mornings when a well-executed plan came together. Of course, we also recall with regret those equally memorable days when our plans crashed and burned. It happens. But even an epic fail at the start of a day doesn’t spell doom...


  • Duck Hunting Nation

    There's waterfowl hunting in almost every state. Here's the scoop on where you want to hunt.

  • Flyway Reports

    Real waterfowl hunters giving up-to-date reports from the marsh in every flyway, all season long.