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  • Bows for Women: 2014 Review

    If you’re a female bowhunter, listen up: the bow companies get it. Not long ago, finding a bow with a draw length and weight suitable for the average female hunter meant buying a puny youth rig, perhaps with some pink splashed on the limbs to make it a ladies' model...

  • Crossbows. In the Woods to Stay, and Here's Why.

    Wisconsin’s Al Kryzkowski had tagged 138 whitetails in his life. And for many years, a 50-pound wooden recurve was his weapon of choice. But the 69-year-old retired construction superintendent suffered from arthritis that made the traditional bow difficult. So he switched to a crossbow. And last September, he used it...

  • Realtree at ATA: Cajun Sucker Punch Review

    I love to bowhunt about everything. Deer. Turkeys. And fish. Love to bowfish. So one of my favorite new products from this year's ATA Show is the Cajun Sucker Punch bow paired with the Hybrid reel. The Sucker Punch is a cool enough little bowfishing bow. It sports a 35.25-inch...

  • Realtree at ATA: Elite Energy Review

    The two flagship bows in Elite’s 2014 lineup include the Energy 32 and Energy 35. The 32- and 35-inch bows, respectively, sport Elite’s new riser design that includes the unmistakable “riser cage,” which Elite claims increases the riser’s strength by 30 percent and rigidity by 19 percent. Paired with Elite’s...


  • Broadhead Selector

    Broadhead Selector

    Are you shooting the wrong broadhead? Click here to find out.