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Big Game Hunting

What’s the best shot placement on a big bull elk? How do you set up a bait site for black bears? Where’s the best place to bag a high-mountain muley? This is your stop for all things big-game.

  • 3 Kinds of Elk You Should Hunt

    Elk are where you find them, no matter where they reside. The elk hunter can also be faced with two entirely different habitat types in a single morning, such as dogging a bugling Southwestern bull across open mesa country one hour, dropping into impossibly-thick pinon/juniper thickets the next. In the...

  • Kill More Pronghorns by Guarding Scrapes

    I was in Africa when the concept hit me. I couldn’t help but notice African antelope constructed scrapes, pawed-out areas where droppings and scent were deposited. I knew I’d observed this phenomenon before on North America’s pronghorn prairies. It was to become my secret weapon, one few bowhunters even consider...

  • Watch Alligator Jump Into Boat with Tourists

    A couple visiting Florida wanted to take a boat tour through the swamps with the hopes of seeing an alligator. Well, let's just say they saw one all right. Tyler Hindery of Springfield, Missouri, told US News 24 he had to talk his wife, Emerald, into going on the swamp...

  • Lone South Carolina Elk Tries to Spar with Woman

    What's a lonely elk to do when he can find no other elk to fight or love? Well, one young bull elk has resorted to hanging out and roughhousing with humans. A couple of months ago, I blogged about an elk that had been spotted in South Carolina and is...