Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting

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  • Jobs in the Outdoor Industry: Getting an Internship

    It’s been said that working in the hunting business is all about who you know. That’s partially true. Like any other industry, hands-on experience and a network of professional contacts are indispensable in the outdoor industry . Among the fastest ways to get those is through an internship. Although thoughts...

  • On Melissa Bachman, Nat Geo, Tim Martell and Anti-Hunters

    Tim Martell, the man who started the petition that got Melissa Bachman kicked off the Nat Geo Channel, shares his side of the story with the outdoor media

  • Moose Attacks Snowmobilers

    The snowmobilers in this video claim they weren’t chasing the moose. Tell that to the moose. Janis and Bob Powell were riding on a snowmobile track in Maine when they encountered a moose ahead of them on the trail. Instead of stopping to give the moose a chance to leave...

  • Miss Kansas to Host Outdoor TV Show

    Theresa Vail, aka the avid huntress who is Miss Kansas, will turn in her crown in June and pick up a gun or bow as she undertakes the role of hunting show host on the Outdoor Channel in a show called “Limitless.” Many of you remember Theresa from her tattooed...