Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting

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  • Jobs in the Outdoor Industry: Getting an Internship

    It’s been said that working in the hunting business is all about who you know. That’s partially true. Like any other industry, hands-on experience and a network of professional contacts are indispensable in the outdoor industry . Among the fastest ways to get those is through an internship. Although thoughts...

  • On Melissa Bachman, Nat Geo, Tim Martell and Anti-Hunters

    Tim Martell, the man who started the petition that got Melissa Bachman kicked off the Nat Geo Channel, shares his side of the story with the outdoor media

  • Miss Kansas to Host Outdoor TV Show

    Theresa Vail, aka the avid huntress who is Miss Kansas, will turn in her crown in June and pick up a gun or bow as she undertakes the role of hunting show host on the Outdoor Channel in a show called “Limitless.” Many of you remember Theresa from her tattooed...

  • Bear Hangs from Rope to Get Food

    As spring approaches, bears are coming out of hibernation, and they're hungry. A hungry bear will take extreme measures to appease its appetite, as demonstrated in this video, which was posted last year, but is just now being circulated across the web. This hungry little black bear obviously didn't get...