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  • Morton Buildings® Brings Back Annual “Giving Away the Farm” Sweepstakes

    Morton Buildings is bringing back its annual “Giving away the Farm” sweepstakes for the sixth consecutive year. The sweepstakes winner will be presented with a $50,000 credit toward a Morton building of their choice. Exmark returns as a partner of the sweepstakes. Last year was their first year of partnership...

  • Pacific Flyway Habitats Need Rain; Duck Forecast Above Average

    Region – Pacific Flyway Reporter – M.D. Johnson Date – October 9, 2015 Location – Wahkiakum County, Washington Believe it or not, folks, this year I’m actually doing the Pacific Flyway Report FROM the Pacific Flyway. Julie and I sold our home in Iowa back in July, and moved to...

  • Squirrel au Vin

    What happens when classic French Cuisine meets a redneck kid with a passion for squirrel hunting? Squirrel au Vin, or simply, Squirrel with Wine. The recipe first became popular in the French countryside as a tasty way to use up tough old roosters that were no longer needed. Old rooster,...

  • Bass Pro Shops Helps Fund DU Efforts

    Conservation is a key ingredient to the waterfowl world. As reported here often, without groups like Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl, I highly doubt we’d have such continued strong fall flights. Conserving wetland habitat is a key ingredient to the program, and no group has done more for that effort...

  • Rutting Moose Fight In Alaska Neighborhood

    Two bull moose were so charged up on testosterone and adrenaline that they duked it out in the yards and streets of an Anchorage, Alaska, neighborhood, oblivious to the human onlookers watching the fight from just feet away. Local resident Bill Tyra told Fox 31 that he and his son...

  • Bluetongue Strikes Idaho Whitetails

    Idaho officials estimate almost 1,000 white-tailed deer have died from an outbreak of bluetongue disease. According to a press release from the state’s Department of Fish and Game , the disease has affected herds in the Grangeville, Whitebird, Harpster, Juliaetta, Kendrick, Troy, Deary and other areas this summer. Still, biologists...

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