8 Rut Hunting Tips from the Pros
3 Keys to Bowhunting Mature Bucks
Big-Water Ducks: A Game for the Serious Waterfowler
Deer Hunting Tip: Do This Right After the Shot
5 Overlooked Public Land Deer Hunting Hotspots
How to Be the Best Meat Hunter
Kill a Pre-Rut Monster in 5 Days
How to Kill the Biggest Buck Where You Hunt
Bowhunting Tip: Setting Anchor Points
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    8 Rut Hunting Tips from the Pros

    The rut is a crazy time in the whitetail world. It’s a fleeting moment of all-out craziness where bucks that normally don’t venture far from their lairs in daylight, are no longer afraid of the sun. But while the bucks are more careless during this time, they’re still hard to...

  • 3 Keys to Bowhunting Mature Bucks

    Whitetails are North America’s most popular big game animal. The fact that bucks are crafty enough to grow old right in our own backyards — despite fairly heavy hunting pressure — makes them both fascinating and borderline mystical. Hunting them with a bow is an adrenaline roller coaster that will...

  • Pacific Flyway Report: A Wet Start, Big Promises

    Date: Oct. 27 Location: Wahkiakum County, Washington Summary Julia Carol and I are in Year 2 as residents of southwestern Washington, and although five straight months — and I mean straight months — of rain took a little getting used to, we are settling nicely into our new digs outside...

  • Best Duck Camp Pranks

    Outdoors folks often point out that hunting goes far deeper than simply killing an animal. The pursuit involves many aspects, including immersion in nature, innocent appreciation of creation and, of course, camaraderie with like-minded people. The latter really defines a good hunting camp (and by camp, I mean a gathering...

  • Big-Water Ducks: A Game for the Serious Waterfowler

    Most duck hunters are landlubbers. They hunt marshes, backwaters, brakes, flooded fields, and green or dead flooded timber. These are wet places, sure, but they’re land-based. The hunter is standing in shallow water or hunting from a boat or blind adjacent to or surrounded by shallow water. But there’s another...

  • Prairie Promises: Central Flyway Hunt Shaping Up Strong

    Date: Oct. 27 Location: Flyway-wide, emphasizing prairie Canada and the Dakotas Summary Blessed is the Central Flyway duck hunter . Whether you live and hunt on the plains and prairies or simply visit there in autumn to take part in an age-old tradition, where the sky is big and the...

  • Deer Hunting Tip: Do This Right After the Shot

    Have you ever missed a deer? Ever made a bad shot? Did you lose the deer because of it? Josh Honeycutt talks about the first thing you should do after releasing the arrow. Click here for more deer hunting articles and videos. Check us out on Facebook .

  • Blake Shelton Kills a Giant Kansas Buck

    Bowhunting is my favorite pastime. The same goes for many of you. Blake Shelton loves it too. The raw emotion in this video alone shows you just how much this guy enjoys deer hunting. It gets me pumped up just watching it. How excited do you get when you kill...

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