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  • 2015 Trends in Duck Breeding Survey Results Are In.

    Big news in the waterfowl world this week. The USFWS, along with Canadian Wildlife Service partners, released the long-anticipated Trends in Duck Breeding Populations Survey for 2015 . The report summarizes both estimates in waterfowl numbers for all the major duck species, as well as habitat conditions and pond counts...

  • Alligator Kills 28-Year-Old Man Who Ignored "No Swimming" Warnings

    After apparently mocking alligators and jumping into the water after both signs and people warned him about alligators in the water, a man was attacked and killed by a large alligator at a Texas marina. According to CNN, Tommie Woodward, 28, was killed by an alligator after he and an...

  • These 10 Things Say You're Out of Shape for Hunting Season

    Are you out of shape for hunting season? What you say might be a good indicator. 10. Pass me another venison burger, please . . . and those fried turkey nuggets too. 9. I'm gonna drive my truck down to get the mail (at the end of the driveway). 8...

  • Video Captures Dirt Biker Colliding with Black Bear

    I’ve heard of people hitting dogs and even deer while riding their dirt bikes, but I’ve never heard of someone hitting a bear. But that’s exactly what happened to Chris Derweerdt, 20, and he has video to prove it. Deweerdt and his buddy Andrew Finch were riding down a rural...

  • Sesame Wild Turkey, Chinese Takeout Style

    One of our favorite meals at the local Chinese restaurant is General Tso’s or Sesame Chicken. I have experimented over the years to try to replicate the recipe and have settled on this one as a family hit. In fact, the kids claim they like it better than take out...

  • Killer Product: Tenzing BH15 Binoc Holster

    Countless times, while scouting for waterfowl, I've wished I had binoculars when I didn't. Other times, I wish I hadn't brought them with me for the same basic reason: binoculars really kind of suck to carry. Not anymore. Tenzing has helped solve this dilemma with its BH15 holster system. A...

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