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  • New Turkey Hunting Book: A Far Green Country

    Brian Lovett is a well-respected writer and editor in the outdoor industry. A frequent Realtree.com contributor, we caught up with him to get the good news on his new turkey hunting book. – Steve Hickoff, Realtree.com turkey hunting editor Steve Hickoff : How long have you been turkey hunting? Brian...

  • What is Your Wild Game Worth?

    We eat a lot of wild game around here, sometimes as often as four nights per week. We also raise our own beef and pork from time to time and do our own processing. But for those times when we aren’t eating meat we harvested ourselves, we head to the...

  • Video of Jaguar Caught on Game Camera in Arizona

    We all hope to see something amazing when reviewing our game camera images or video. A game camera set up in the Santa Rita Mountains just outside of Tucson, Arizona, has captured something truly amazing – footage of a jaguar. The jaguar is the only large cat native to North...

  • New Hampshire Mulls Bobcat Season

    New Hampshire outdoorsmen could soon join their New England neighbors and enjoy opportunities to hunt and trap bobcats. The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department has proposed issuing 50 bobcat permits through a lottery process, according to a press release from the Sportsmen’s Alliance . The proposal came about after...

  • Realtree’s 30th Anniversary Firearms

    I've always been amazed by talented artisans. Not just artists, but people who possess great skills in their profession. From baseball players, to sculptors and painters, I'm always left in amazement at some people's natural gift. One such skill that has always captivated my attention is gun artwork. Engraving and...

  • 8 Reasons Deer Hunters Should Hunt Coyotes

    Razor-sharp teeth tear at flesh. Blood vessels rip. Arteries blow apart. Flaps of skin hang loose, exposing raw meat. Eyes roll around in their sockets. Distress bleats fill the air. The valiant whitetail puts up a magnificent fight. But the fight is too much to overcome. It eventually succumbs to...

  • Want More Deer? Save The Fawns.

    I'm a numbers guy in some ways. Not so much in others. I try to make decisions based on the best available data and information. Some guys aren't into that. And that's fine. To each their own. But playing by the numbers, by and large, has paid off for me...

  • Peppercorn-Crusted Venison Backstrap with Bacon Onion and Parmesan Cheese Topping

    I’m not sure where I saw the recipe this one is based on, most likely a magazine. Anyway, the thought of a peppercorn-crusted steak topped with bacon and onion sounded pretty good, so I tried it with backstrap medallions. The results didn’t disappoint. And while I agree that venison doesn’t...

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