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  • CWD Marches Ahead on Two Fronts

    Chronic wasting disease continues its impact on the whitetail world, recently touching two great hunting states almost 1,000 miles apart. As of July 1, Virginia hunters cannot use or possess deer scents or lures that contain natural deer urine or other bodily fluids. A press release from the state Department...

  • Ben Franklin Said What?!

    "I hate to discuss this because the misconception is better than the truth," late, great turkey biologist and writer Lovett E. Williams, Jr. said in his book " The Art & Science of Wild Turkey Hunting ," a true classic, though now out of print. What I always loved about...

  • Glorious Twelfth | The Great British Shooting Season

    With just over one month to go until the start of the red grouse shooting season, Realtree takes a look into the 160- year- old tradition of the Glorious Twelfth. The red grouse shooting season extends from the 12th August, often renowned as the 'Glorious Twelfth', marking the start of...

  • 2015 Trends in Duck Breeding Survey Results Are In.

    Big news in the waterfowl world this week. The USFWS, along with Canadian Wildlife Service partners, released the long-anticipated Trends in Duck Breeding Populations Survey for 2015 . The report summarizes both estimates in waterfowl numbers for all the major duck species, as well as habitat conditions and pond counts...

  • Alligator Kills 28-Year-Old Man Who Ignored "No Swimming" Warnings

    After apparently mocking alligators and jumping into the water after both signs and people warned him about alligators in the water, a man was attacked and killed by a large alligator at a Texas marina. According to CNN, Tommie Woodward, 28, was killed by an alligator after he and an...

  • These 10 Things Say You're Out of Shape for Hunting Season

    Are you out of shape for hunting season? What you say might be a good indicator. 10. Pass me another venison burger, please . . . and those fried turkey nuggets too. 9. I'm gonna drive my truck down to get the mail (at the end of the driveway). 8...

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