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  • How To Mentally Prepare For The Late Season

    Deer hunting is a mental practice. It’s all about staying in the right frame of mind. When I don’t keep my focus, I lose sight of the goal. That’s when things go afoul. The rut is over in the North. Thus, the late season will soon begin, and a flood...

  • 5 Weaknesses Of A December Buck

    Deer are always changing. They constantly change food sources, travel patterns, and other general behaviors. As hunters, we have to change our patterns in order to continue seeing—and hopefully killing—the deer we hunt. These are five different things that make bucks vulnerable during the late season . 1. FOOD The...

  • A Kansas King

    Dylan Smith’s 2015 deer season started with the usual excitement and anticipation. Like any seasoned bowhunter looking to capitalize on his upcoming hunt, he had collected sheds, prepared stands, evaluated trail camera photos and had his Prime compound spitting arrows like guided missiles. Although the particular region in northeastern Kansas...

  • Three Tips for Pressured Waterfowl

    After spending nearly a decade in public draw hunts throughout Michigan, in the shadow of one of the largest cities in the midwest, I learned to adapt to pressured birds. This network of hunting areas offer two hunts each day, every day of the season, for a total of 116...

  • Police Officers Save Bucks From Water-Filled Cistern

    When rutting bucks are fighting, they often become oblivious to their surroundings. These two bucks were so focused on defeating one another that they didn’t notice the water-filled cistern...until it was too late. They would have faced a cold, wet demise had it not been for two students who witnessed...

  • Washington State Gets Much Needed Rain; Good Duck Hunting Should Follow

    Date – November 29, 2015 Location – Wahkiakum County, Washington The theme of this month’s report from the Wild, Wild West is simply this – Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it all . . . and then some. Last month I wished for a bit...

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