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  • These 10 Things Say You're Out of Shape for Hunting Season

    Are you out of shape for hunting season? What you say might be a good indicator. 10. Pass me another venison burger, please . . . and those fried turkey nuggets too. 9. I'm gonna drive my truck down to get the mail (at the end of the driveway). 8...

  • Video Captures Dirt Biker Colliding with Black Bear

    I’ve heard of people hitting dogs and even deer while riding their dirt bikes, but I’ve never heard of someone hitting a bear. But that’s exactly what happened to Chris Derweerdt, 20, and he has video to prove it. Deweerdt and his buddy Andrew Finch were riding down a rural...

  • Sesame Wild Turkey, Chinese Takeout Style

    One of our favorite meals at the local Chinese restaurant is General Tso’s or Sesame Chicken. I have experimented over the years to try to replicate the recipe and have settled on this one as a family hit. In fact, the kids claim they like it better than take out...

  • Killer Product: Tenzing BH15 Binoc Holster

    Countless times, while scouting for waterfowl, I've wished I had binoculars when I didn't. Other times, I wish I hadn't brought them with me for the same basic reason: binoculars really kind of suck to carry. Not anymore. Tenzing has helped solve this dilemma with its BH15 holster system. A...

  • Game Meat Set To Fly Off Supermarket Shelves This Summer.

    As BBQ's start hotting up across Britain, It’s not only the temperature that is set to rise in the UK this summer. Sales of British game has been one of the world’s top 50 consumer growth markets thanks predominantly to the success of venison sales. Used as an alternative to...

  • Venison Backstrap with Black and Blue Bourbon Sauce

    The blackberries on our back ridge are starting to ripen. The kids headed out this morning and picked the first of the spring for us. Bring on the cobblers, the pies, and the dumplings. But fresh berries don’t have to be relegated to dessert; they make an excellent sauce to...

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