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  • Fill Your Bucket List: 5 Puddle Ducks You Must Shoot

    Everyone’s into bucket lists nowadays. Duck hunters are no different. We dream and scheme about dazzling full-color drakes to make taxidermy dreams come true. But every duck is beautiful in its own way, so setting a short list can be difficult. In this article and the next three Tuesday “...

  • Dude Needs to React Faster as Coyote Attacks Turkey Decoys

    Many of us have had coyote encounters while turkey hunting . This video, posted by Alex Taylor on YouTube, is yet another. Nice field setup for sure, with the promise of turkeys, no doubt. But wait . . . Dang. Unexpected predators in range don't always give you much time...

  • Deer Hunting in Maine

    Season Dates (2016): Resident-only day is October 29. Youth deer day falls on October 22. Firearms season is October 31 to November 26. Archery runs September 29 to October 28. Muzzleloader is November 28 to December 3 and December 5-10 (designated areas only, check hunting guide). Lastly, the expanded archery...

  • 5 Treestand Tasks to Do for Deer Season

    Sure, there is a lot to do before opening day. And it's just around the corner. So best get to it before it's too late. After all, preparation leads to success. Mix Your Treestands Hunters who use more than one treestand might consider having a variety of types to fit...

  • Deer Hunting in Maryland

    Season Dates (2016): Dates vary depending on region. The state as a whole will span the following dates. Archery season is September 9 to January 31 with closed periods for muzzleloader and gun seasons. Muzzleloader season runs October 20-22 and December 17-31. Firearms season runs from November 26 to December...

  • Michael Waddell Kills a Big Kansas Buck

    We all love big bucks. And Michael Waddell does, too. Watch him arrow a giant Kansas buck in the video above. It's an incredible hunt. Click here for more deer hunting article and videos. Check us out on Facebook .

  • Deer Hunting in Delaware

    Season Dates (2016): Archery and crossbow season goes from September 1 to January 31. Muzzleloader season is October 7-15 and January 23-28. Youth day is November 5. Shotgun season runs November 11-19 and January 14-21. Handgun season is January 7-14. These are the dates set when published, please check the...

  • Man Recovering From Rattlesnake Bite -- But That's Not the Worst of It

    For many, being bitten by a rattlesnake would be the unluckiest experience off their lives, but for one Lakeland, Fla., man, it’s just one more thing to add to his list of hard luck at the hands of Mother Nature. In addition to being bitten by a rattlesnake while mowing...

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