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Guns and Shooting

We think the best guns come in camo. But we like those that don’t, too. If you’re into guns and shooting, be it ARs and handguns or muzzleloaders and shotguns, you’ll find something to like right here.

  • Tips for Gun Stock Replacement

    When it comes to the rifle or shotgun that every hunter carries, there are some upgrades that could possibly turn that standard firearm into a greater firearm or better performer in the field. I’m not knocking wood (pun intended) but one upgrade is a synthetic stock. These stocks tend to...

  • 5 Steps to Long-Range Rifle Accuracy

    It seems like every rifle shooter suddenly wants to be an “American Sniper.” We used to think we were real riflemen when younger, taking the occasional mule deer or pronghorn at 400-plus yards. Though we practiced obsessively, we really were stretching things with the light rounds we were shooting then...

  • Christmas Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

    Do you know someone who loves guns and gun accessories? Need a gift for them? Look no further. Here are some very good options. Click here for more gun articles and videos. Check us out on Facebook .

  • Muzzleloader Hunting Basics

    It’s time to break out the smoke pole and fill a late-season deer tag. On my most recent trip to the shooting range, I was shocked at some of the other shooters' care and loading procedures used when shooting their in-lines. Having grown up with a father that loves the...