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Guns and Shooting

We think the best guns come in camo. But we like those that don’t, too. If you’re into guns and shooting, be it ARs and handguns or muzzleloaders and shotguns, you’ll find something to like right here.

  • A Case for Soft Gun Cases

    When it comes to traveling with, and protecting, firearms, the options today are nearly endless. There are thousands of soft, hard, and a combination of those available. Before you open your wallet, you’ll need to open the gun vault, the trunk of your car, and possibly your state’s regulation books...

  • Tips for Gun Stock Replacement

    When it comes to the rifle or shotgun that every hunter carries, there are some upgrades that could possibly turn that standard firearm into a greater firearm or better performer in the field. I’m not knocking wood (pun intended) but one upgrade is a synthetic stock. These stocks tend to...

  • How to Store Your Gun Properly

    Big-game seasons are ending all over the country. Before your gun makes its long slumber in your safe, make sure it's properly cleaned and stored. There are a few things I do when I put my guns away to make sure that they'll be in tip-top shape for the next...

  • Improve Your Handgun’s Range with a Red-Dot Sight

    Reflex sights are one of the most practical aiming solutions available: fast target acquisition, and mounting options make these a great little enhancement to multiple shooting platforms. So what is a reflex sight? Reflex sights are commonly referred to as a micro red dot. These little sights are big on...